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"Most beautiful beaches we have ever seen in our life! Crystal clear water, fishes everywhere, palm trees,  it’s a real Caribbean paradise, far away from the touristic areas! We had Yoga classes in the jungle, we danced bachata with locals on the beach, we just loved every single moment of this trip"

Lucie & Asya


This holiday exceeded all our expectations! The virgin beaches are just incredible. Nothing we ever seen before! Our jungle accommodation was remarkable as well. We could hear the ocean from our room. Thank you La Maca for organizing our dream holiday!

Thomas & Sophie


The different plants, trees, tropical fruits in the jungle are just mind blowing! I highly recommend this trip if you want to be surrounded with nature and get away from the city life.  It is so clam, peaceful and very safe above all! I was a bit concerned to travel to Dominican Republic but I never felt in danger in El Valle. Everybody is so helpful and kind. We had a wonderful holiday.



This is the adventure we were seeking for! We literally did all the excursions, and they were spectacular! Our favorite was the boat trip to the deserted island, and the jungle tour! We experienced the real Dominican Republic thanks to La Maca

Aniko, Angi, Sofi, Detti


"Woww, how can nature be so abundant here? It's better than in the movies! Waterfalls, jungle, coral reefs, mountains, beaches, cocoa and coconut palm trees everywhere! It's a true natural paradise."

Matt & Reni


I fell in love with El Valle from the first day I arrived at this hidden paradise. Virgin beaches, tropical fruits, incredible people, music, dance, pure happiness. I just can't wait to come back!


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